When a good man kills a good man, he places his generations under a burden beyond themselves. Ask King David, am sure he would have a lot to say. Now, do not get me wrong*, a good man is not one because his actions say so nor because people think so. He is one because God says so.

I pause and ponder, could all these have been averted? Yes I cannot help but respond. There is always something unpleasant about being at the right place at the wrong time.

It was his palace after all; yes the city was his to look upon from his rooftop but no the woman was not his to behold. Certainly she was not his either to sleep with, yet he did.

When a good man kills a good man more often the beneficiary of such actions sadly have or had no direct role to play in the cause of effects. I can only imagine what Bathsheba must have felt when she knew her husband was dead. Women do not have to have details to know . . . they simply just know. The thoughts that may have plagued her for days unending ‘I killed him’ ‘I who said I loved him’

One thing is certain, when a good man kills a good man, the Lord will not remain silent!

© 4th March 2014

*Local parlance for ‘do not misunderstand me’

Today I went on a trip and watched as choices were made by a group of people. I came to the conclusion that, who we are in one aspect of our lives, spills over to every other aspect without warning. Over the years, I have come to realise that I am a task master. With a little patience for excuses of any sort, I demand the best from people I meet.

One thing struck me firmly; it is easy to decipher the character of people by small actions. Someone who is lackadaisical towards being on time for any activity is more likely to place no honour on words they speak. Seeing that actions override the words we speak most and generally; they are truly who we are. Thus, if you are careless in one area of life, you are most generally careless in all other areas of your life.

Timing has a role to play in the way we do what we do. Should we do a noble cause at the wrong time, the timing automatically defeats the purpose of the noble cause. Thus, a noble cause is not noble all alone; the time frame in which it is carried out is a defining factor of its nobility.

© 12th February 2014

Naomi prayed for Ruth. Boaz prayed for Ruth. By the end of the book of Ruth, we see the answers to those prayers. The heart felt prayers both Naomi and Boaz made for Ruth, God brought them to be using them as the instruments.

I wonder if at the moments the events which were the answers to their prayers occurred they remembered their prayers. Did it register in them that it was the answer to their prayers?

Studying the book of Ruth I am stunned and humbled at the turn of each event. Each prayer and every answer was knitted together with the individual who offered up the prayer having a role to play in its fulfilment.

God is a planner, a great organiser. Irrespective of the way we may perceive our circumstances and the turn of each event, God is right there working it all out with each prayer offered, through the instruments who prayed to deliver timely answers that are so like God

© 6th February 2014

Tick Tock,

In a couple of days we would be three years old.

We are fast growing old, we do have a pleasant surprise for you all.

Count down with us.

People only have things slip from their hands when they sleep. It is at night the enemy steals, plants tares and swaps that which God placed in our hands with counterfeits.

I have over the course of time noticed from watching people on the bus and in meetings, have actually been guilty too *sigh* once the object in their hands falls: money, keys & phones are the major culprits, they realise they have been sleeping. As I realised on the occasions I have been so guilty.

The two whores: it was at night; while one slept that the other swapped her dead baby for the living babe.

All these series of events different yet interwoven got me thinking, what God has placed in my hands I must be watchful and awake not to let them slip or be swapped with a counterfeit.

Watch and pray. Spiritually always be alert. These I cannot do on my own so my daily cry now is: ’Lord, help me to be spiritually alert always; to guard jealousy that which you have placed in my hands.’

© Copyright 18 November, 2013.

As I chatted with a friend, the topic of enemies came up.. then the topic of do nots she had recently gotten handed to her also came up.
She wanted my opinion with regards to my actions in line with evil people out there seeking to do me harm, this I freely gave her – as much as I recognise such people do exist, I never let them be the reason behind my choices and decisions. Yes they will try to pull stunts but I have this unwavering confidence that it would not succeed, with thanksgiving to God.

I am operating from the angle of no fear here, but faith. She was coming from the angle of fear. What we both had in common was ‘hearing’. She for the last couple of months had been hearing fear followed by do not do this; do not do that from different people. I on the other hand had being hearing faith – God has not given you the spirit of fear.

I then re understood Proverbs 4:23 in a new yet old way. Guarding my heart also deals with what I hear, the conversations I entertain. They either cause me to walk in faith or in fear.

Who are you listening to? What are you listening to? Is it causing you to walk in faith, the only way to please God? Or is it causing you to walk in fear, the avenue through which satan has access to you?

©15th October 2013.

Genesis 22: 5
We will worship and then we will come back to you

The words we speak tell if we walk by faith or by fear. They are prophecies always of our future. When we speak, we send forth words into our future that shape the way our future is patterned.

Sometimes it is a subconscious utterance, sometimes it is a conscious utterance, yet it comes back to us in our future, when Abraham took a journey in obedience to God’s command to go sacrifice Isaac his words depicted a subconscious faith that with God all things are possible.

When Joseph’s brothers sought to do him harm and yet spoke (prophesied) ‘let’s see what becomes of his dreams.’ they were words spoken in ignorance of the workings of God. Yet the words still possessed the powers all words have: our ability to eat of them Proverbs 18:21; for they did indeed see what became of his dreams in their future.

The words you speak today, knowingly, unknowingly, nonchalantly are all prophesies unto your own future. You shall indeed eat of them at some point in your future.

What are you speaking into your future?

© 12th October 2013.


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