It all began with a problem: missing asses. Surely some days just come along with unforeseen packages. As with all situations and circumstances there are two views: the Spiritual and the physical.

S had been sent forth to find his father’s missing asses. S had been sent forth to anoint his Fathers choice of king. Both were about the duty of their fathers. In the course of the errand by their fathers, their paths would cross and the lives of both men would never be the same.

The younger S looked and operated through the physical. The older S looked and operated through the spiritual. Younger S went forth to find asses which were lost, he found asses and a call to be king over God’s people. He became the guest of honour at a gathering he knew nought about prior to then.

One thing that did strike me though was the fact that God never told the younger S the greater purpose He had called Him to. He left that to the old S to intimate him about. Was it due the dispensation? No, for prior to that, God had directly informed the concerned individuals of His plans for them.

Another day in the life of S turned out to be a day not so regular after all. For the younger S it was just his regular after all. For the younger S it was just his regular happenings for the older S it was a unique day, one where God who reveal the first king for His chosen.

One was aware of the alignment of their paths; the other knew not what the day held for him. Yet in the course of time as two men went about their father’s business, there was an alignment etched in time.

As we go about our Fathers business may we always see things first through His eyes and realise that we are called to operate in the spiritual first before the physical. Let’s walk with an expectancy, that today might just be the day there would be an alignment that would be etched in time.

© 9th July, 2014.

It’s so easy to get caught in the trap of being one of them. Forgetting in split seconds we are different. One of a kind, thus we should desire to know what our purpose is and fulfil same. Yet, we easily desire to blend in with those around us. We fail in those moments to recall we were chosen and set apart from among those we suddenly seek to be like. To have what they have, do what they do and go where they go. In our quest to be just like one of them, we dishonour the choice God made in choosing us for Himself. We indirectly tell God, no we are not pleased that you chose us.

Oh how fast and quickly we tend to forget the things we ought not to. God had raised for Himself a nation after His love: Israel. Yet they quickly forgot all He had been to them and desired that which the heathen nation had.
In a choice they made a deep statement of displeasure and dissatisfaction with God. So seemingly insignificant a request, yet so sadly significant a desire. It could have been me. Yes, truly it has been me in moments I looked upon another not chosen and decided I too should be treated as they, forgetting the things of worth. Help me Lord to constantly with my choices and desire tell you first and the world second how glad and sure grateful I am that you chose me.

© 8th July, 2014

There is a mentality in Nigeria that needs to be expunged all round. Standing on a bus queue waiting for my turn, a goon came shunting the line under the guise of greeting an old friend. Along with him came a female who looked and acted like she stole and was caught.

I thought to myself herein lies the problem in Nigeria, irresponsible youths with no character. People with no character in one area of their life most likely do not have it in another area. It is the same mentality that makes them act like it is okay to expect and celebrate mediocrity and even worse still have no expectations whatsoever.

It is the idea behind wanting the very best without investing or giving anything. The local parlance calls it smart, business wise etc. This I call the armed robber mentality. Nigeria would rise to her place, yup but we need to work on the mind-set and mentality of the average person on the street. With what we currently have, what we aspire to be might be a dream.

For at the end of the day, our mind sets and mentality shapes our reality.

© 30th June, 2014

As my pastor gave the word in the course of service this Sunday morning, he shared on the healing nature of Christ. He spoke of the fact that there is no record of Christ ever being ill and same with His disciples. That by virtue of His healing nature, He Christ’s body and garment healed people with infirmities –case to note the woman with the issue of blood. Thus, he opined that Christ was full of a healing nature and if Christ was to have sat on a chair, it is most likely all who would have sat there afterwards would have gotten healed of whatever ailed them.

“That is how we all are to be”, was the insight I got. Christ’s life was a show of the life that God desires all of His children to have. Look at the disciples who after Pentecost oozed healing, so much that handkerchiefs placed on them and then on the ill were a contact for healing. It is written as He is, as we are in the world. Thus as He has a healing nature so do we also.

Remember God has given unto us all that pertains into life and godliness. It is for us by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to live in the centre of God’s will to allow the full manifestation of who we are to show forth.
For greater works than Christ did we have been commissioned to do, this is fully achievable when we live a life totally surrendered to Christ.

© 1st June, 2014.

PS: In the wake of the man with Ebola in Lagos (who has since died) I would love that we who say we are Christ do not go about this in fear, neither live as ignorant people. Know also for certain there is nothing too hard for God, no ailment His broken body has not already healed. Ebola or no Ebola. If we are Christ, then we too have the healing nature of Christ. Walk in this consciousness.

A friend sent me a broadcast via what’s app with the aim of getting me to patronise her dental services. After we had talked of why I would not, I called her out on the contents of her broadcast. Stated my displeasure with its contents in a firm and loving manner. She ended by saying it did not originate from her, thus implying she should not be called out by me.

I recalled another contact on my bbm, had sent a similar broadcast with the same contents only the services he sought I patronise were different. So I copied my chat with my friend on my what’s app and pasted it on my bbm contacts’ chat for him to see.

As children of God, the life we live, the words we speak, our every action are ripples sent out. Some of the recipients we know, some we may never know, yet the influence is still the same. Thus we must live daily in that God consciousness, that all signals we send out point everyone who comes across it back to Christ.

We are the light of the world and the salt of the earth; this must be seen in all we do. I am so sure he probably did not envisage that his broadcast would be amended slightly and used by another. Yes, I did register my thoughts with him too the day I received the message (for those might be wondering).

Let all the ripples caused by our lifestyle daily and always point people back to Christ. You are an influence to people whether you are conscious of it and irrespective of it you have ever met them..

© 20th May 2014

A phone rang.
Heeled foot steps hurried from one end of the office to another.
Then came the mutter: why are our phones sounding alike? And I thought no, sit your butt down on your seat and the phones would not sound alike.

There is a knowing which comes from relationships which takes away every bit of similarity. In that place of familiarity you never mistaken one for another. You simply know. Though there might be similar traits, you always know how to discern that who you are familiar with from all others.

Thus, a saying which goes – there are truly no identical twins save to those who don’t know them. So it is with hearing God’s voice and being able to distinguish it from every other voice speaking. In the place of fellowship we get to God to the point where His voice would not be mistaken for another’s. Nor would another’s be mistaken for His.

Then again how my mind wanders from daily occurrence to the things that guide me. So now I remind myself – to know and know lies solely in the place of relationships and fellowship.

© 22 April , 2014.

We come, we go. One moment here, the next moment there. The transient nature of life is ever so glaring these days. Stories of people who have been partakers of life’s events leave me wondering. Where they prepared? Prepared for Jesus coming? I always recall what a friend said once: – ‘The minute you die, for you Jesus has come.’ There has been a cross over.

On Monday I thought Nyanya bomb blast was terrible. I still do. The depth of the wrench in my heart was deep and true with a story I read. There an old man had remarked: “they have killed my future”. Today I see another sad news on a friend’s bbm status. RIP she says to a man only married last week, now dead today 18th April, 2014.

Again I wonder, did he know? Was he ready to meet his maker? Sad as it is, after all that is said and done what matters is the knowledge of us God has. Would he call us sons or workers of iniquity? Would there be a welcome for you in heaven should you die now? Or an ushering right in to hell? The way you claim to know God is it the way He God truly does know you?

Today there are still so many families affected and in mourning by Nyanya blast. Yes again, a young bride turned widow is out there struggle through a dark hour she did not envisage. Death hurts even when it’s obviously coming. It hurts a whole lot more when sudden. For the deceased what is important is not the suddenness of their exit, it’s their standing with their Maker.

Trust we know, that we are alive is not a sign of our righteousness or birth right. It could have been you, yes you but it was not. So today I ask you: does God call you son? If no, fix it now. Tomorrow you may not have.

In memory of the Nyanya victims and a certain young man.
© 18th April, 2014.


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