A friend sent me a broadcast via what’s app with the aim of getting me to patronise her dental services. After we had talked of why I would not, I called her out on the contents of her broadcast. Stated my displeasure with its contents in a firm and loving manner. She ended by saying it did not originate from her, thus implying she should not be called out by me.

I recalled another contact on my bbm, had sent a similar broadcast with the same contents only the services he sought I patronise were different. So I copied my chat with my friend on my what’s app and pasted it on my bbm contacts’ chat for him to see.

As children of God, the life we live, the words we speak, our every action are ripples sent out. Some of the recipients we know, some we may never know, yet the influence is still the same. Thus we must live daily in that God consciousness, that all signals we send out point everyone who comes across it back to Christ.

We are the light of the world and the salt of the earth; this must be seen in all we do. I am so sure he probably did not envisage that his broadcast would be amended slightly and used by another. Yes, I did register my thoughts with him too the day I received the message (for those might be wondering).

Let all the ripples caused by our lifestyle daily and always point people back to Christ. You are an influence to people whether you are conscious of it and irrespective of it you have ever met them..

© 20th May 2014

A phone rang.
Heeled foot steps hurried from one end of the office to another.
Then came the mutter: why are our phones sounding alike? And I thought no, sit your butt down on your seat and the phones would not sound alike.

There is a knowing which comes from relationships which takes away every bit of similarity. In that place of familiarity you never mistaken one for another. You simply know. Though there might be similar traits, you always know how to discern that who you are familiar with from all others.

Thus, a saying which goes – there are truly no identical twins save to those who don’t know them. So it is with hearing God’s voice and being able to distinguish it from every other voice speaking. In the place of fellowship we get to God to the point where His voice would not be mistaken for another’s. Nor would another’s be mistaken for His.

Then again how my mind wanders from daily occurrence to the things that guide me. So now I remind myself – to know and know lies solely in the place of relationships and fellowship.

© 22 April , 2014.

We come, we go. One moment here, the next moment there. The transient nature of life is ever so glaring these days. Stories of people who have been partakers of life’s events leave me wondering. Where they prepared? Prepared for Jesus coming? I always recall what a friend said once: – ‘The minute you die, for you Jesus has come.’ There has been a cross over.

On Monday I thought Nyanya bomb blast was terrible. I still do. The depth of the wrench in my heart was deep and true with a story I read. There an old man had remarked: “they have killed my future”. Today I see another sad news on a friend’s bbm status. RIP she says to a man only married last week, now dead today 18th April, 2014.

Again I wonder, did he know? Was he ready to meet his maker? Sad as it is, after all that is said and done what matters is the knowledge of us God has. Would he call us sons or workers of iniquity? Would there be a welcome for you in heaven should you die now? Or an ushering right in to hell? The way you claim to know God is it the way He God truly does know you?

Today there are still so many families affected and in mourning by Nyanya blast. Yes again, a young bride turned widow is out there struggle through a dark hour she did not envisage. Death hurts even when it’s obviously coming. It hurts a whole lot more when sudden. For the deceased what is important is not the suddenness of their exit, it’s their standing with their Maker.

Trust we know, that we are alive is not a sign of our righteousness or birth right. It could have been you, yes you but it was not. So today I ask you: does God call you son? If no, fix it now. Tomorrow you may not have.

In memory of the Nyanya victims and a certain young man.
© 18th April, 2014.


Calling on all writers in the house, here are lots of opportunities I saw on Robert Okaji’s blog.

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Woke up in the early hours of the morning, and felt some movement on my right elbow. Investigation with my phone light revealed a cockroach. My slippers promptly served the judgment on it. For good measure I left my slippers on it. I have come to see roaches die hard. They seem to be dead for a bit, and then off you see them moving after a bit. Turned over and decided a heavier shoe on my slippers on the dead roach would serve me well till morning.

Stay dead I thought as I dropped the heaviest of a leg of my shoe on my slippers for good measure. You see it’s easy for a dead roach to stay there. For a roach that didn’t exactly die that would be another matter. As a living sacrifice it’s not so straight that we stay dead. Sometime, often times we get up and go back to where we have died from: self.

Staying dead is a conscious deliberate lifestyle. It is a lifestyle which says to all ‘to please you o Lord, is what I live for’. Thus, we are enjoined to present out ‘sacrifice’ daily through the daily taking up of our cross which includes mortifying our flesh.

Oh for grace to stay dead daily to self.

© Itse Tosan 13th April, 2014.

David, He gave for a witness. Jesus Christ is the faithful witness. By two or three witnesses a matter or thing is established*. Thus, all the other prophets, bible characters and apostles were given to us for a witness for something.

Going with the established principle makes me to know that I also have been given for a witness. This knowing is further buttressed by the so great a cloud of witness that compass me about as I run my race.

What have I been given for as a witness? What am I witnessing? From scriptures I have understood that David was a witness of God’s mercies. It is written ‘the sure mercies of David’. Elisha was a witness of prayer that prayer works. Abraham was a witness of faith. The list is pretty long.

I wonder if while they walked this side of eternity they were aware of the role they played. We do not only have a better covenant of Grace, we have precedents and principles handed down to us through the infallible word of God.

Pause and check: what does your life witness about God? What message is it leaving for the generations to come?

*Moses, Matthew and Paul = Deuteronomy 19:15, Matthew 18:16 and 2 Corinthians 13:1

© 20 March, 2014

Looking at the bills and projects in need of my money was sure daunting. Seriously my mind began flight mode, what extra can I do to raise more money cause I would sure need it. I promptly sent out messages to friends reminding them that I write so they can respond with jobs. Surely I have to be on top of this.

As I paused to listen to a message on ‘words’ I had a need to go back and put it in action. So I put the message on pause, picked up one of my devices and scrolled. As I spoke aloud the words within, my heart calmed down. Then I began to chide myself surely you know He is able. If for no other reason but the mere fact, that He has proved it from January right until now.

Looking back I must say all the curves I have experienced have come to challenge my spoken words. This helped me put it all in perspective – where they simply that: words? Or are they reality shapers? Calm and at ease I can say boldly: reality shapers.

Thankfully, the subtle intrusion was exposed and stopped.

© 13th March 2014.

Today is 26th day of May, 2014 began working on some of my projects. I am still learning and applying words in my daily living. The perfect extra I can do am yet to hold, the extras I’ve been doing are the same.


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