Once I got into a heated discussion with fellow choristers in our vestry. One of us had opined that children raised right stayed right. And that even if they strayed they always come back to the right track because God’s word of train a child… when he is old he would not depart from it cannot be voided. I was of the opinion that a child raised right stayed right by God’s grace. And in some sad cases, some children never made it back home like the lost son.

So we had people pick their sides through varying opinions. Insisting that children raised right could easily stray because they had freewill is a major factor we all must acknowledge. I doubt there are any parents who raise their children thinking they just might stray.

We never shifted from our positions though we all did acquiesce that free will plays a role in a child’s life. Though we just could not understand how a child raised right got lost. Of course one may debate what we mean by raised right. For us raised right is in line with train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he would not depart from it.

In the course of my study of Isaiah 1, it hit me suddenly that even God experienced same. God Himself, this my mind could not quite comprehend. The All knowing, All Seeing God raised children and they rebelled… how? He said, ‘I raised children (sons) and brought them up, but they have rebelled against me’

My thoughts flowed: if God’s children could do this and still do it, hian! Would I ever understand how children well raised turn out wrong? I doubt I would. Is there any sense of comfort knowing God experienced same? A little. It is a scary thought that not only is it possible for them to rebel, but scarier that some of them never turn back and die in their rebellion, just as some of God’s children did.

Does that make one less of a good parent? Thankfully it does not. For God did not cease to be God because some of His children rebelled and then some never looked back. Just as I might never understand it, so do the guilty verdict stares and glances from others on parents whose children have rebelled show the world might never understand it, they don’t need to.

I still believe good children are the working of the God, yes raising them right is key but that, even that does not keep a child good. – only a child who allows God keep Him can be kept.

© 30th May, 2016

Over the years there has been a conditioning as to what should constitute the expectations from God, what is the appropriate response and behaviour in the church. Looking back, I see many people do, we do things due to routine.

We close our eyes when we want to pray. We more often than not stand to pray. We somewhere along the way grew to believe that if we never cheat during exams we have an automatic pass, if we marry as virgins we would have problem free marriages…. Something around the path way that should we do good, then God is obligated to respond with good. In some circles the response to praise, rejoicing is shouting and clapping of hands all of the time. Have come to hear so often clap for Jesus, just immediately after prayers.

Of late I have begun to question some of these traditions. Place them against what has been written in the Bible. Who defines the appropriate and acceptable response to urges by the set man of a church gathering. Who says I must needs shout, clap to show appreciation to God. Where has it been written that because one fasts, prays so often God is obligated to do that which is sought after?

These conditioning I have come to realise may have helped to maintain certain level of order, yet they also helped to foster expectations that was never provided for in the Word. So people wake up one day, mad at God for not fulfilling a bargain He didn’t enter. To the best of their knowledge everything had been done just right as per all they had been told over the years. A tale of where the tradition makes of no effect the word of God.

So these days I challenge more, I demand more to be showed the Book, Chapter and Verse that gives credence to what I have always known and accepted as right. For the measure by which I believe, is the measure to which I encounter and experience God. It shall always be unto me according to my faith.

Who defines it? Who sets the standards? I choose these days to let God alone define it. I refuse to stay within traditions and conditioning that have become hindrances to me experiencing the manifestations I am to be walking in daily.

So to the Word and Spirit I turn always, I must needs know for myself, I must needs live fully the abundant life that has been given me. God must define it all for me. God alone sets the standard for me.

© 22nd May 2016

This is a temple
It is not my temple
I am only the door keeper
So I watch and ensure
The temple is used only as designed
For worship, worship of the owner

There are days
Days I sight visitors unwelcomed
I refuse to let them in
It’s easy, it’s tough
There is the tussle I pass through
Yet I know they can’t come in

I forgive, I let go
Negative emotions can’t gain entrance
The other door keeper I stare at
In me I mutter
I would love you because
I sure would forgive you

I am a temple
I am the door keeper
Thought His blood I choose to see
His eyes are my glasses
It’s not about me
It is all about Him = Christ Jesus

© 18th April 2016

Take up your arms and fight
Draw the battle line
Remember the violent take it by force
Everything is suspect, everyone is suspect
There are no grey areas
White or black, for me or against me

Don’t back down, don’t retreat
Victory lives at the end in sight
There is a crown to all who overcome
So I dig my heels in
I take my place, I do my bit
The battle is of the Lord
Fight I shall

© 22nd February 2016.

Set in the Lands in Canaan and Mesopotamia is a story of oath, prayer, expectation and love.

An old man, who had lived a life more eventful than his contemporaries if he had any desired that his only son be married. He wanted that a wife be picked from amongst the kindred he had left behind years ago. Yet he desired that the son remain in Canaan.

A trusted servant, advanced in age, he had been a witness to the ways through which the old man’s life had taken for so many years. The bond of servant and master over the years placed him with understanding and access beyond, far beyond all other servants.

A son, on his fourth decade, living his life unaware like his forbear the need for a help meet. He was oblivious to the desire, them the plan and eventually to the proposal that got him married.

An old man with a desire and plan. A faithful servant with a mission, prayer and expectation. A son, a recipient of grace unending, unsought. Then a woman who found love.

It was a day like every other, same routine, same chore. It was a day like no other, for destiny came calling and the even was different.

Get him a wife from my kindred, yet do not take him there whatever you do. Surely the One who called me from them shall send His angel before you.
O God of my master grant me good speed, lead me aright, by this sign I shall know the kindness that thou has shown unto my master.

Lady may I have a drink? Drink my Lord and I will draw for camels.

The wait was long yet short. For at the last drink by the camels he know the Lord had prospered his journey. He held his peace. The sign was complete before he made the move.

No he didn’t try to help God once he perceived God’s kindness. He waited.
He prayed, before he finished praying the answer came. While the answer was being unravelled, he held his peace. He did not try to quicken the miracles, he waited.

There is a blessing in the holding of your peace, ask Sara

© 30th November, 2015.

On earth years and years ago, two cousins needed to stop living together for they had both grown individually in property and servants.

The Egbon gave his Aburo the choice of picking his location first. So he looked and saw a good land, a well-watered plain. It was so good that it was compared to be like the Garden of Eden. The first garden that ever was.

As far as he could see, it was just perfect for his flock and all. The choicest location in sight. There he moved. Before Maker, before God, the people of the good land were exceedingly wicked and sinful.

They were a sign of things to come. First they rebelled against the nation they were colonised by. In an ensuing war, they lost the battle. Aburo and all he had were taken captive. Egbon and his war men rescued Aburo and all he had.

Then came the judgement from God. Egbon’s intercession saved Aburo & his two virgin daughters. His loss included his married daughters, sons-in-laws, vast property, livestock and servants.

As far as Aburo had seen the best choice was taken by him. From God’s vantage point it was not. For people did determine the type of land it truly was.

As we make choices this day, may they be fully aligned with God’s sight and choice.

*It was recorded that we who would be years upon years after shall learn from it.

© 19th November 2015

“Then Lot chose him all the plain of Jordan”

He chose, and based on what is described, he chose well. To the natural eyes, he really did chose well. His choice was measured by his sight – good land.

God saw the land, He also saw the people. Aha! God sees it all. The wickedness and sin of the men of the land Sodom was exceedingly before God.

The land of a good choice, by the people the same land was a wrong choice. For due the people, he choice got him Lot and all he had captive. Eventually, the people cost him all he had, even his wife.

What informs our choices? Who guides our choices?

Let the Lord lead us along the best pathway for our lives.

© 17th November, 2015


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