The sun,

The moon

Were given for time and seasons

Somewhere in the mix of things,

Time took on scary looks,

As the now spirit got fed,

Time switched from ally to the other side

Somewhere in the mix

The blessings of wait became blur

With each desire and project I wondered,

How soon would He come through?

He looks at me and says ‘wait’.

Don’t you see? I wonder,

I know you care, you daily tell me so

Everything seems to scream now is the time

I flutter, unsure yet sure

For in you is me undiluted

But the now tug

It is heavy but I pull of the ropes that laden

He made it and said it is good

So I look for the ally time

And find I have grown

The fire didn’t burn me

Neither did I choke on the tears

Right in the choice to wait

The river called peace swept over me

Washed away my fears

I don’t have the physical manifestation…yet!

But I got me,

Wholly me

Unnerved in the strangest of places

According to the now spirit

In waiting

© 19th June, 2015.

Some days

I have no wish,

I am sure it’s by faith as I,

Even I cannot place my feelings,

God has been faithful to me

Daily I see His hand,

Right from my waking, until I sleep

There’s something about His presence

I find me

Bit by bit, I pick myself up.

As always I am surprised,

Situations and circumstances

Evoke a response new to me

I look for worry,

And anxiety and find it not.

There is a calm oozing from within,

New me is being unveiled,

As I bask in His presence, I am taken

I am His

I am lost unashamedly.

Always to be found

In you, at your feet,

Clutching tightly to you

To exhale and inhale you

Is all I need.

© 19th June, 2015

Reading the verse for the day on I pause to think.
God’s will is that by the way I live my life, ignorant charges and criticisms would be silenced. Thus, the way I live my life – speaks.

Daily my life is speaking. What does it say? What do my choices say? I sure do know what I desire and hope it is saying, but is the speaking of my life and my desire of its speaking in sync? I wonder, what do people hear from my life. Does it turn them towards God? Does it cause them to think deeply?

Knowing God’s will is step one, walking in the known will is step two. How can my life speak as I desire it should? I must stay at His feet, learning of Him and obeying His will. For in the place of abiding in Him, I would have a life that speaks of Him.

The verse ends by saying that I should live as a servant of God at all times. All times – whether I feel like or not, irrespective of how much I oh so want to wring the neck of someone rubbing off on me the wrong way.

So today I am reminded that my life is speaking and so is every other life here on earth.

I invite you, come join me, pause and assess – what is my life speaking? What is your life saying? Is it in harmony with what you would have it say? Most importantly is it in sync with what Got would have it say? Selah.

© 13th November, 2014

…’and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost’ Acts 2:38b

…’in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that Holy Spirit of promise.’ Ephesians 1:13b

So often I forget that the Holy Spirit is a gift from God to me. He is a token of God’s love unto me; a sure sign that I am His.

Over the years I have come to know Him as my teacher, my comforter, my guide, my seal, a foreteller and one who brings things to remembrance. Did I earn Him? No, I could never be worthy enough even if I tried. My works pale shamefully, in the light of who God is and then in His ways and workings. So no He is not a reward of anything I have done, could have done or would ever do or be able to do.

Once I believed that I am forgiven and the debt paid at Calvary, I received a gift. A gift from God, showing He meant business when He adopted me. Who else would teach me how to be blended rightly with my new family? Who else, would show me daily that I have been accepted in the beloved?

No one could but the One who knows all about the Father and Son for He is One with the,. The One with whom I have sweet fellowship always.

He is the gift of the Holy Spirit, the One with whom I have been sealed until the day of redemption.

© 11th November, 2014

Now when they saw… and perceived… they took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus. Acts 4:13

Sometimes I notice immediately I begin to pick up mannerisms from people. Other times it hits me after someone point it out how I now sound like so and so. Funny, in some cases I would note that I have been around them a couple of hours.

The words iron sharpenth iron and a companion of the wise, take on flesh in me. I am who I associate with in every sphere of life. I realise that truly what goes on earth is but a dim shadow of the spiritual.

I know as I continually look unto God and into His perfect word, my countenance changes and eventually I would be just as He is. Moses face glowed after 40 days and nights with Him.

In all, who we are, is refined or roughened by our associations. The very first Christians were so titled not because of who they had always been, but due who they had become. Who they had become from associating with God in biblical parlance: abiding in Him

If we say we are Christ like, what does the world see in us? Do they see His boldness? Do they see His compassion? Do they see His singleness of mind? Do our life style and choices cause men to take knowledge that we are with Jesus?
God’s standard has not changed, nor will it ever change. For by our fruits we shall be known. So let’s abide in His Word, in the place of prayer, of fasting and surrender. Not chiefly that man may see no! But that He may be glorified and exalted.

That we may live as true sons of our Father ‘Abba’

© 30th September, 2014

The disciples were called Christians first in Antioch. No, they did not introduce themselves verbally as such; even after they were first called Christians. They did introduce themselves thus: by their way of life, by the way they spoke. For the people who they interacted with noted that they were like Christ.

As I read my Bible, I come upon a verse I have read numerous times over. It jumped on me and stalled my reading. ‘Every word of God is tried and purified’, Proverbs 30:5a (AMP).

Thus the word ‘every’, connotes all, that there is no exception, and no exclusions. The word ‘tried’ speaks of tests, that it has been proven after trials. ‘Purified’ is all about being flawless, no blemish, no dirt, and no ambiguity.

So I remember that because every single word of His is tried and purified, I can trust it. I can rely upon it. It’s my anchor through the waiting phase, knowing that it would end in praise. Then again, it is the standard. For as He is so are we, so I am.

The search light is turned upon me, can I say my words are tried and purified? Oh! for the here and there a careless chatter I have indulged in so often. For the unverified information I have passed along, only to back track upon verification.

So I sit calmly and humbly before Him, Who is not man that He should lie or repent. Help me make my words one which would not be lost in the course of a test or purifying process, I ask.

Let my words, be Christ like.

© 30th September, 2014

A king we want, just like every other nation has. That was all they desired. A simple request but a deep rejection.

Things are truly not always as they appear once we stay spiritually sensitive. To anyone the request of the children of Israel was but a small desire, one God could easily satisfy. For the spiritually discerning one they had stated in simple terms, a displeasure with His leadership style.

In the same breath they had commonised the calling and set apart status God had placed upon them. They had unknowingly disdained His choice of them, just as Esau disdain the birthright which belonged to the first born son.
We all find ourselves in this situation at some point in our lives. A time we desire what the other sister or brother has. We want to be treated in the way we perceive God treats them. In that moment we say to God unwittingly I don’t want to be chosen by you. We forget we’ve chosen to be special for His good pleasure.

We’ve been called to walk paths that few walk. The life we live is one that does not follow the bandwagon or the fads that erupt ever so often. We have been chosen out of the many to be the 12 and the 3. To live lives that point others back to Him who chose us and had distinctly differentiated us from every other.

© 12th July, 2014.


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