On earth years and years ago, two cousins needed to stop living together for they had both grown individually in property and servants.

The Egbon gave his Aburo the choice of picking his location first. So he looked and saw a good land, a well-watered plain. It was so good that it was compared to be like the Garden of Eden. The first garden that ever was.

As far as he could see, it was just perfect for his flock and all. The choicest location in sight. There he moved. Before Maker, before God, the people of the good land were exceedingly wicked and sinful.

They were a sign of things to come. First they rebelled against the nation they were colonised by. In an ensuing war, they lost the battle. Aburo and all he had were taken captive. Egbon and his war men rescued Aburo and all he had.

Then came the judgement from God. Egbon’s intercession saved Aburo & his two virgin daughters. His loss included his married daughters, sons-in-laws, vast property, livestock and servants.

As far as Aburo had seen the best choice was taken by him. From God’s vantage point it was not. For people did determine the type of land it truly was.

As we make choices this day, may they be fully aligned with God’s sight and choice.

*It was recorded that we who would be years upon years after shall learn from it.

© 19th November 2015

“Then Lot chose him all the plain of Jordan”

He chose, and based on what is described, he chose well. To the natural eyes, he really did chose well. His choice was measured by his sight – good land.

God saw the land, He also saw the people. Aha! God sees it all. The wickedness and sin of the men of the land Sodom was exceedingly before God.

The land of a good choice, by the people the same land was a wrong choice. For due the people, he choice got him Lot and all he had captive. Eventually, the people cost him all he had, even his wife.

What informs our choices? Who guides our choices?

Let the Lord lead us along the best pathway for our lives.

© 17th November, 2015

Once upon a time, in a land years ago all the inhabitants of the earth had one language, one lingua franca.

Communication was at its best. Thus, they took joint decisions, lived as one big happy family, on a plain on earth.

One day, they decided to make brick and did so. I am sure they were pleased with the new discovery: that they were powerful as one.

So they took it to another level, they would build for themselves a city and a heaven scrapper. They decided that they would make a name for themselves, they would not replenish the earth- no. together they wanted to be. Thus, they began to work towards their plan.

Somewhere in the mix of the plans, they had forgotten the instructions for their life, which said “replenish the earth”. To replenish or fill the earth, staying in one plain would not serve. The oneness of tongue was perverted for the accomplishment and enthronement of self – make us a name.

Then came their Source, the Image of who they were. He gave them more languages, more lingua franca and sent them abroad from the plain to all the earth. In a flash, in a second their plans they left off for His plans.

No one is here on earth for their plan. We are all here for His plans. Discover His plans for you, if you haven’t yet, and walk therein.

This is the end of my story.

© 13th November 2015

Alphabets, letters
Words, phrases and sentences
All tools of my creativity

Thought, spoken
Sang, written and exclaimed
All expressions of me

Or just one of it
It is a this or that daily
All choices constantly made

He spoke, it was
His thoughts established also
Thoughts words, words and thoughts
Tongue, mouth
Thoughts, heart and mind
All vehicles of my words

Gently, harsh
Loving, sweet bitter morsels
Foods I chew upon daily.

They are my now
My future and destiny
For in them is power still unravelling.

© 18th October, 2015
Copyrighted Itse Tosanwumi

A friend and I got into a friendly banter on blackberry messenger chat this morning. Had requested that she bring African salad for me to rehearsals on Saturday by 7am, to which she said impossible.

Told her there’s no such thing as impossible, and she said otherwise. As we bantered, she then stated it exists in her dictionary as it is impossible to serve the devil.

As i told her that it was a possibility but one we do not wish to attain, she then listed impossibilities: bow to the devil, road prostitution, murder. I then requested she define murder and she said taking another’s life willingly.

At this point everything had taken on a different view point for me. It was no longer about the banter, but about how I saw things. I shared murder as defined by Matthew 5:22. The question at that point to me was: whose definition are you using?

You see as children of God, we are called to live for Him, His purpose. As His ambassadors our marching orders are based on what obtains in heaven. For we are in this world but not of it. We are sons of God because we are led by the Spirit.

For who defines our words, shapes our choices, actions and invariably our lives. How we see defines how we receive and how we get. So the real question regarding my everyday seconds is an expression of whose definition I am guided by.

Today with each choice and decision you make, remember the definer determines your future.

© 22nd October, 2015

I look in Him

I pause and search

He knows it all, I am but

A growing student at His feet

Not as sure

As I was years back

As an unmoving teenager

Something surely got broken off me

Not quite sure when

But I move with a limp

The only stability I know is Him

Him who first brought order to me at age 6

I have moments

I desire to stray

But I stall…I am sure

I would not last outside Him

Needy I am

Needy for His leading

Needy for His touch

I am a prisoner of my own choosing

Perpetually given to Him

I look in because I know He is there.

I lean fully on Him,

For therein I have the capacity to stand tall

© 19th June 2015.

The sun,

The moon

Were given for time and seasons

Somewhere in the mix of things,

Time took on scary looks,

As the now spirit got fed,

Time switched from ally to the other side

Somewhere in the mix

The blessings of wait became blur

With each desire and project I wondered,

How soon would He come through?

He looks at me and says ‘wait’.

Don’t you see? I wonder,

I know you care, you daily tell me so

Everything seems to scream now is the time

I flutter, unsure yet sure

For in you is me undiluted

But the now tug

It is heavy but I pull of the ropes that laden

He made it and said it is good

So I look for the ally time

And find I have grown

The fire didn’t burn me

Neither did I choke on the tears

Right in the choice to wait

The river called peace swept over me

Washed away my fears

I don’t have the physical manifestation…yet!

But I got me,

Wholly me

Unnerved in the strangest of places

According to the now spirit

In waiting

© 19th June, 2015.


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