Life is beautiful….

Part of which, is the bringing to being the emotions, psychology and thoughts of our life as we grow, through familiar alphabets.

The beauty of playing with words and letters as a road to sharing my heart with the world has been with me right from my pre-teen years. (How I love to scribble!) The expression of my life has found a doorway through poetry, letters, journals, short sayings, articles, music… short stories followed in time.

With the ink and paper…there are no inhibitions to the thoughts, and sketches I create. By them i let my heart reach out to another without fear or favour. For they each carry a part of me unwittingly, though they are laced with a message of faith, hope and love…

Of inner strength which lies within, which comes to bear in scenes that threaten to pull me beneath ferocious surging waves just at the point i think my puzzle is close to completion on that aspect of life.  All these i learnt from the Best: now i give them to you.

Itse Tosanwumi