The past month has been a real good one for me, twas a season of deep soul searching and losing myself in the One who loves me the most. Relationships are tasking naturally without the issue of attraction and chemistry waltzing into the dance. Letting go of friends and friendships are just as much tasking… the prodding of the soul by questions on a rely race: why where you friends? What was your motive? Is this line of action the best? Will it be in the greater good for both you and the other? Is this all about you? Reaction to unmet expectations? What is your Best Friend saying? Surely He has a say in all of these…

Letting go is never an easy process, cause it implies releasing the ‘seemingly’ priceless for the unknown. You know the future is never really yours to have a detail of every tiny bit, but then again tell that to someone else(not me!), cause i loooove having my plans all known a long time before they unfold. Then again am letting go of that trait!

Letting go does not mean to stop loving another, it is to love them truly, over what your heart desires. It is to give another room to grow into the best they can be.

In times as these past month were, the emptying of my heart, to having it filled with something else seemed a trade for a lesser jewel but turned out to be an exchange in priceless pearls and diamonds.

Letting go is the ability to trust that indeed, God is everything He says He is…. I Am.