Staying with my niece and nephew: ages 4 and 2 years all day is work of a different kind of its own, with its own rewards. One particular trend seems to repeat itself with every move made.
Anything she did, he did…every move she made, he made and the result was always the same—confrontation which left him in tears more than her.
The only remedy seemed to be getting her to behave in certain ways, while making sure she stopped certain actions which he would readily copy, which were not only bad but his stature could not handle as easily as hers.
As I watched them I realized she did everything without regard to the thought that he would follow suit. And he in turn could not comprehend why I asked him not to do what she did.

Then my Secret Keeper spoke to me that just as I was so particular that my niece behaved in certain ways, not because of her ability to handle them but more of him: my nephew, it hit me, so I ought to bear with the failings of the weak. I am refrained from doing certain actions not because my faith can’t carry but because of my brother or sister who is looking at me whose faith isn’t as strong to carry or handle such actions and would be hurt by them in their spiritual growth. Just like my nephew would fall and cry!

You know just as the body of my niece would naturally want to do all those things which are not good for my nephew and she has to be taught to do otherwise. So it is with me, I ha to let my spirit teach me to refrain and give up things—not because they are bad in themselves, but because it might cause my brother, my sister for whom Christ died & rose again to stumble.

Likewise ye who are strong ought to be bear with the weak by giving up those things which their faith can not bear. Of which if they try they would stumble in faith.

It doesn’t happen in one day…. It is a training that teaches patience, which leave both parties better than they were at the beginning.

Unpublished work © January 20th, 2011