Without faith if is impossible to please God.
For we walk by faith and not by sight.

Do you trust me?
Surely Lord you know I do.
How much?
With everything in me… all of my heart.
Be still.
Peace … be still.
Aah! Lord, is this part of it? I mean surely, you don’t mean that literally?
…. Silence…
But Lord, I will be still, only just let me finish all I’ve got on my to-do list. You known the way things are here on earth.
Am in your now, and asking that you be still.
I truly love that… I know you know Lord, but then what happens to all my plans – I’ve fixed them and the timing is not quite convenient. Ok, give me a few hours and I’ll be still.
My child, do you trust me?
My Father surely you know I do, but I don’t understand the relationship between trust and being still.
You see I need to move into my own place, hence I must prepare. The kids must have the best money can buy, so I must keep pressing for higher grounds… Lord there’s so much to be done.
So I ask you, be still.
Ok, let me finish with these tasks at hand, then I can pause for a bit.
A bit?
Yes, to be still… you want me to be still right?
Yes, I love that you be still.
Then I’d be, just give me some time.
You said you trust me, so I ask are you sure?
*pained eyes, looking lost* I do trust you.

*thinking* surely He should understand, I need to make sure my tomorrow and that of the kids is secure… I trust you Lord, I really do, but can I finish this once and for all, so I can be still?
My child, don’t you understand?
Understand what!?
I am: both yesterday, today and tomorrow. Your future is already secured for am already int. except I build the house, in vain you labour, rest in my words and please be still!
Lord I do trust you – hence I pray daily, read your word, speak it, I use it to encourage others. Lord I trust you, I give expecting to receive as our word has taught me, and surely you know it’s my trust in you that provokes these.
I need you to be still, stop trying to finish your task on your to-do list by your strength.

Everyday we learn: more of what we already know and new truths are introduced. To trust is to walk in faith, it is to get to the place where we are still: in our spirits, in our souls and we would be still in our body. To be still is letting go, putting our thoughts and talk into our actions.

CAUTION: to trust is to not fret, to trust is to joyfully live daily; to trust is to give God the bird in hand knowing that a bird in hand is not worth more than two in the ‘bush’ with God, on the flip side to trust is NOT to be lazy, to expect God to come and take your exams, give your best for you at work. … Please maintain balance in HIM.

Unpublished work © 13 April, 2011.