Mark 8: 34
“if any of you wants to be my follower”, He told them, “you must put aside your selfish ambition, shoulder your cross, and follow me.

So simple a word, its in the doing that the seemingly “hardness” is felt. With the constant desire to do something… anything, the beauty of simply following pales greatly.
Yet It is in that one word, the doing is made easy and given a much clearer view.

I’ve been called to follow… I’ve lost count of the times I stopped to smell the roses, have my way or check out if the other side is truly greener.
The times I did follow, I saw a lot, learnt a lot and got my core value and principles shaped… there is something powerful about it! Those periods of following drew me the moments I strayed. In the seasons of obedience, there was a preparation for the future….didn’t know until the storms came and I found the strength within and I didn’t break.

There’s never a time in this love walk, one stops to follow…only when its ‘supper time’. A road gone by, with consistency and hard persistency inundated by immaturity… the desire to stay faithful is much stronger and deeper. For understanding… insight made is easy… but believing is seeing i.e. trust is the basic in this.

You know… am loved… truly & sweetly. Nothing am going to do now to take the place of the ‘stillness’ will make the love any deeper or stronger. Why!? Love is unconditional… I do not earn it… nor work for it. Funny it’s written: be still and know that I am God… its not written ’do’ and know.

Itse’s dictionary:
To Follow: to learn of someone through constant observation.

Unpublished © 16th April 2011.