Am moving… yet to attain but am on my way. I can’t see my final destination fully; got a picture… sometimes it comes in clips. I would love it there… oh! Am so sure about that one thing.

I have got a yearning, when it began I know not, but now I feel it consume me: there’s so much more to explore, to experience and to exploit. Daily am learning…it’s necessary for the now, its preparation period. For what? I can’t give a definite answer to that. The ground is fertile though… my harvest surely will be bountiful.

The humming is getting ladder… I’ve gotten a new song, the lyrics are coming in bits… am eager, yet I need to wait—to trust. Just like an unfinished puzzle or quilt….the beauty can not be fully appreciate yet.

It is beautiful…mind-blowing would be the complete package. Sacrifice no, never would call it that…a love gift…hmm! Yes, that’s it! Seems so small in comparison. Oh! May my reproduction with Your help be: a thousand fold and plus. The others: part of the radiant reflection of You…can wait to get there for I will see you as you are and I would have fulfilled purpose.