On Monday the 18th of April 2011, I lost my family house thankfully none of my siblings was lost. Back at home in Minna, we had all gotten used to living in the midst of muslims and gotten so complacent that we truly believed that no amount of unrest in the North will ever affect Minna, let alone our beloved family house full of precious memories all saved up from the minimum of a year we stayed there.
Monday 18th of April 2011 gave us a wake up call to the realities that muslims will always be muslims: destructive and murderous to Christians with or without provocation. As I scrolled eagerly through my messages in my phone, looking for a multimedia message one of my siblings had sent over Christmas of 2010, thoughts ran through my head. All is lost: the new bus two months, the house that taught me new dimensions of love and loving people…aah! My heart bleeds for our instruments; I can hear the music playing, the drums, keyboards, guitars…all gone now!
Voila! I’ve found the mms, I look at a part of my family house and smile; I still got a picture though it’s all burnt now. How could they? We gave them with our hearts, we have lived with them for so long, it seems like we have always been together. This hurts…
I don’t know what I’d say to them when I do go home…bless them, He has said we should to those who persecute us, bless them do not curse them.

Guess this is the point where this gets lived out…hmmm! Tough but… tough. My siblings saved nothing… nothing! Am sure they would have had a few bruises escaping, though they are silent on it least we worry and get really mad at our neighbours. Surely, we could be spared this time around to live out that command; we are soo justified in light of all that has happened.

Then again it’s an absolute, no exceptions: no matter the depth of the pain, the deep hurt in our hearts…bless. looking at the ruins that has taken the place of our beloved family house: bless. We lost memories that had no backups: the pictures of our ancestors….bless.

As we walk through this, with tears filling our eyes each time we recall 18th April 2011…for now, may we bless not through clenched teeth but with our hearts full of compassion for our neighbours, as we receive the beauty from the ashes.

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