The sound of the beep woke me, a new day had begun. With only three words in it, the first sms of the day, got me thinking…’about what’, ‘I’ve forgiven’ ‘should I reply or not?’
After a couple of deliberations which happened on and of over a few hours I made my decision: no reply. My decision I justified with the seasoning: had I not said I would take a month of in communication, surely this was the best ground to ignore a friend’s sms, actually, this was the only reason I had.
I set my face, resolute to proceed with my day and not give much thought to my choice. But that was not to be. A call from my friend was all it took:
Are you ok?
Did you see my text?
You didn’t reply
If I did that, would you like it?
Hei….certainly not! I would be upset…seriously, I always expect to receive feedback when I communicate with friends, sms is not an exception.

Light bulb: I had just disobeyed a simple principle for living with others: do unto others as you would have them do to you”. With a contrite heart, as I took in the impact of my decision, which suddenly paled terribly in light of the truth, my deep felt apology seemed so inadequate to convey my remorse.

The fact that I had to justify myself about my decision should have been all the red light that I had veered of course, taken a detour that I should have avoided. In my seemingly justified stance, I had caused my friend pain, I had chosen insensitivity over sensitivity – I had taken nay chosen a wrong option. Should the table be turned, I’d probably scream: foul!

How many times had I failed to give to others what I desired to be given? My time, my money, my respect even the benefit of the doubt… I quickly turned to the keeper of my secrets and whispered ‘please forgive me, I am sorry, do help my friend forgive me and know am truly sorry’.

Daily I remind myself of the words He spoke: ‘So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you’. Matthew 7; 12 (NIV)

Copyright © 22nd of April, 2011