To love the seemingly unlovable, to bestow my time, affection on another without anticipation of reciprocation is a lesson I learn daily of my Sweetest Teacher for I found that its easier to love the “loveable”, the one who reciprocates and encourages ones love.

Looking back over all the relationships I’ve embarked upon, to love those who related just like me was a second nature to me. Maintaining communication was not difficult for I knew though they may take a while sometimes to respond, they would surely get across to me. In my preteen age and early teenage years I actually grew to believe All humans, at least the ones I encountered and related with, did operate on this level. Then came the rude awakening in my latter teenage years that I actually had a friend with whom I carried on a monologue. I must confess the shock was rather great. It seemed she expressed her love best when we where in the same vicinity. Greatly I wondered, is something wrong with me? Surely everyone knows…yea, I have chosen to believe this, that communication is the life wire for relationships and loving. Friends don’t go AWOL on friends.

With time I seemed to have fallen into her mode somewhat as I reached across once-a-while. I had not learned anything apparently from favorite words I quoted. In my mid twenties I made new friends and if I thought my preteen and early teenage friend was terrible, these made her look good.

One day I truly pondered on going on all out to do unto them as they did unto the relationship we had. Then my ever present Sweetest Teacher questioned my decision: if you love only those who love you back, what differentiates you? What was the motive behind the loving? You, them or God? Why are you friends?

I thought to myself, but truly it is tough loving people and never really knowing if it’s a one way street you are walking on, cause you never really hear from them or if it was a highway of both, but surely to love was not meant to be so. Yet truly why did I love? Was it so I could be loved in return? Or was it an outlet to share of the love, Love has kept pouring into me? I let the questions of Sweetest Teacher wash over me, revealing my failings and purge the dead cells. It is so easy to love when the settings are favourable and the encouragement and responses are returned in good measure. To love irrespective of the others responses or encouragement is to share the Love who lives within me as I have been given soo much love. This I resolved to do.

Daily I still learn in that area that I love not because I want to be loved in return ( though sometimes my flesh does yells “won’t it be good to get a response!”) but because I have soo much love to share, which reflects my Father’s heart and never reduces or runs dry. I love because Love lives in me.
You know there’s a certain joy which comes with sharing love, it’s like a phrase I read a while back – happiness is like a perfume, a few drops touch you as you share it (my paraphrase). Has this been an easy thing…naa especially when i try to do it by my power, but Love has helped me keep at it, cause He keeps my tank every full.

A friend loves at all times…Prov 17:17a

If you love those who love you, what reward will you get….Matt 5:46a

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