Earnest- serious – whole heart – thoughts – speech- actions.

Prayers are made reality in our lives when everything about us is in agreement and in line with Gods will. It is not enough to pray to our Father and expect Him to move in our behalf in that regard if within us there is no agreement. I recall way back in my secondary school days when I began to seek to truly know God after a couple of years of rebellion. One scripture that gave me the assurance to seek His face was Jer 29:13. There God tells us simply that if we seek Him with ALL of our hearts we would find Him.

This principle we can apply to our everyday prayers as well. When we pray about anything we should align our thoughts, speech and actions with our prayers…and most importantly we should pray with all of our hearts. You cannot be praying: Lord, please give me a brand new Honda Accord, latest model”, and thinking…’any car that comes I’ll just take”, and if asked by those we may have shared our request with, we then say…”car is car anyhow e be, I won’t complain”, Now, there is a problem with this prayer, it falls short of “earnest prayers”. This discord within us shows some depth of unbelief in God’s ability to answer the prayer, hence the willingness to settle for less.
Have I been guilty of this?… Oh yes, but am grateful to Gods sweet Holy Spirit who is teaching me daily and purging me (I love the use of purge over prune…hehe!) of all that is not Him so that I can function in perfection. God’s word, his infallible words of life to us teaches us that it is the earnest prayer of the righteous man that avails much (Acts 12:5,7 & 14; James 5:16b) just like Elijah’s prayer—James 5:17.
Then again someone might bring on some exceptional cases where everything within was in agreement and yet the prayer ‘didn’t avail much’. In my short years upon this earth, I’ve come to understand that there are some questions that would never get answered on this side of heaven and probably on that side too..(Tho I believe that when we get to heaven all unanswered questions we seek answers to won’t be top on our list, but rather to just worship Him and love on Him). No one can question God…I don’t think Job ever found out that all he experienced was a wager put forth by God to the devil to show the depth of his integrity.
Still I would dare to yet speak for my Father, who has assured me through various scriptures that if we ask anything of Him IN HIS WILL we would have it. This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us—whatever we ask – we know that we have what we asked of Him. I John 15:14,15. Basically all He asks that we do is trust Him through it all.
Beloved children of God, the will of God is not beyond knowing. It is in there in His Word –Bible and His every gentle Spirit teaches is and interprets it to us. All we need to is learn and obey. It is in His will for us that our prayers avail much & our expectations are not cut short. May all we do be done earnestly always.
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