I asked my 7 year old niece to tell me how many books where in the Bible, she didn’t know. I then asked her to sing the songs of the books of the Bible, she didn’t know.
Shock…was my emotional response. How could she not know it? In my natural way of thinking, I had come to assume that being brought up in ways similar to mine…(ok I must admit there are a number of discrepancies), this she should know.
This has been the way I realized, that I have over the years assumed that everyone I met had heard at some point about Jesus Christ. Once in a while this assumption got swept off by outings like work camp and rugged. But then the assumption came to life once I was done with these and back to the location I lived and did all my regular day to day activities.
Guess in my mind its easy to comprehend that people living in interior villages have never heard His name. Though back in my present settings: township with “enlightened” people all around me,  i could readily assume they had heard with thanks to churches everywhere and christian stations on the television. Is it possible that some of them have never heard of Jesus Christ? Hmmm…
I’ve come to believe that to win a soul it wise and we all have a mandate; we being children of God, to tell others about Jesus Christ. Then again how can I win a soul, if I’ve already assumed that the soul is won?
So now I choose to err on the side of being safe, I’d assume that what I know and have found, the next person has not yet known or discovered it. Hence, please  forgive me if i come sharing with you about Jesus Christ if you have already met Him and have Him for a friend.

“Hello, have you heard of Jesus Christ?”

He that wins a soul is wise. Proverbs 11:30

And He told them: go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone. Mark 16:15

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16

Dedicated to Aunty ‘Wande as she starts her new year…she made a great impact in my foundational years as a child of God.

PS: My niece did return and tell me, i can sing one Bible song, the twelve sons of Jacob…and then proceeded to sing same for me…

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