Following the Casey Anthony trial both on the internet and the cable TV opened my eyes to see the depth of hate people carried within them. The depth of the darkness in the land. Mercy and compassion were virtues which seemed unheard of to the judgmental public glare…even in the face of evidence failing to link Casey Anthony to her then 2 year old daughter: Caylee’s murder; which has entered the pool of unsolved murders (as the murder has not been solved in my opinion!). It seemed everywhere I turned was filled with hurt people who spewed hateful venom and rained down curses unrepentantly justifying their actions in the same breathe.

“An eye for an eye they cried”!
“Mercy if she is actually guilty was but a faint whisper”.

Did the others notice? Even those full of hate, did they notice the darkness of their souls? It surely is alarming. Then again, once I had been so unmerciful too. I made my merciless judgments with self righteous justifications and never pause once to consider mercy. Oh yes! I’ve been there once, a couple of years gone by, demanding that those I called friends either lived up to my standards or walk. It is good to have high standards and principle; it is also good to reach out another who may have fallen in tender mercies.

Somewhere along lifes pathway, I encountered Gods tender mercies in ways which I had never understood. My life has never been the same… this is not about my conversion, may, I had been a Child of God for a good number of years. Ever since I became a good receiver of Gods tender mercies my perspective on handling various issues has changed, it has matured in ways I never imagined. Does it mean I condone sin? Naaa, but now I look at the sinner through eyes full of mercy and compassion. Knowing that Gods unending tender mercies are ever available to the repentant sinner who all but reaches out.

Oh! Sometimes I do marvel at the mercies of God, for daily I live I know that God has nt dealt with me as my choices deserve but has chosen to let His mercy be made life in me. The mercies of God is very profound, the exercise of it is clearly a thing of the thoughts of God are higher than the thoughts of man and our ways so different. When I think of the mercies of God, I ask myself: ‘who am I to judge another worthy of punishment, when in response to my sin I got mercy?’ What gives me the right to challenge the working of the same mercy in another’s life when we both are in the same shoes…even to the partaking of God’s mercy.

The mercies of God are new with each dawn, announcing that death will not be the final story if we but whisper: I am sorry Lord, have mercy. Gods mercy is ours for the having, but we must reach out and take hold of the great gift that is ours for receiving. Like a song I love, which lyrics say: ‘in the pouring rain of mercy, comes the grace by which I am saved’. I say with utmost humility this is one rain am ever happy to drench me all the days of my years.
The mercies of God, is but one of the many humbling reflections of the Awesome character of the God who loves us not as we deserve, nor based on the works we do or fail to do, but unconditional as He is for indeed: God of love…merciful and true.

‘…and crowns me with love and tender mercies. Psalm 103:4b

No, O people, the Lord has told you what is good, and this is what He requires of you: to do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8

God blesses those who are merciful, for they will be shown mercy. Matthew 5:8

You must be compassionate, just as your Father is compassionate. Luke 6: 36

PS: Do I think Casey Anthony is guilty? No.
Yea she sure did not act the way I would expect a mother of a missing child should. Then again I know next to nothing about her or the way she handles grief. With the prosecution and investigative officer failing to show why the murder should be linked to her, besides the fact that she lies and got a tattoo while her daughter was missing…she is free to walk.

Unpublished work of Itse Tosan 9th July 2011.