In the midst of making my 24hours work always to the maximum: meeting deadlines, eating when I will, getting some bit of rest least my body breaks down, I’ve come to realize it is soo easy to lose sight of those things that really matter: relationships. Of all the treasures I’ve been blessed with, none compares with the people in my life. Family: nuclear and extended, friends, colleagues etc.

Then I realised that if am to treat my relationships the way the pull and pressures of time for other activities demands, I might wake up one day to wonder who the strangers around me are. To give them their right position in my life, demands just as much time and deliberate choosing on my part. It means me choosing to place my priorities in the right order on a daily basis.

The same principle applies to the way we relate with God, have we been able to place Him in the right position amongst our priorities? It is easy to say He is number 1 in our lives. Just as it is easy to say we love our family and friends. Do our actions align with these words we find easy to say (In my world, amongst the people I live and interact with this is a general thing, I know there are exceptional cases where people do not have God as their first, nor love their family or friends!)

I def do not want to fall into the group of people who never have time ( I usually sheepishly retort in my head…we all have the same amount of time daily, only those who die before the days up don’t)…so I must work, really work. We have been enjoined to seek the kingdom of God first and His righteousness. To seek those things entails we know the person at the centre of it all: God.

The word seek is an active word. It is a deliberate action. Same for maintained my priorities as i say they are ordered. So you are all welcome to join me do same.

Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and He will give you everything you need. Matthew 6:33 (NLT)

Unpublished work of Itsetosan 15th August, 2011