For years I always seemed to know where to search for answers once I had questions. I’d ask siblings, friends, read books in the field I desired answers, pick up tips for TV programmes and the internet. the Answer was never my first point of call. There were some questions I did not bother to ask as I assumed that His jurisdiction was solely in the arena of spiritual matters.

Then with understanding came a beautiful revelation: He knows it All. All that concerns me lies in His jurisdiction; there is no question to which He has not got the answer. All I need do is but call out to Him my question.
The joys I’ve discovered and entered into with His revelation am certain pale in light to the pleasing warmth His heart feels knowing that I can trust Him with all of my questions.

As I grew in this rev, I got to know something also: that though All answers lie in Him and with Him, He is not bound to give me an answer to All to my whys, hows, wheres and whatever the question may be. I sure struggled with this for a looong while…why be silent when it seems my life just might depend on the answer.

I did not die…obviously; my life did not depend on the answers. Peacefully I’ve learned that though Jesus Christ has all the answers and is the Answer, His silence to questions, some of my questions does not make Him any less the Answer. So I’d ask any time I have a question on any aspect of life and refuse to let my heart be troubled should He decide not to answer.

Ask and ye shall receive. Matthew 7:8

“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unreachable things you do not know” Jeremiah 33:3 NIV
Copyright © unpublished work of Itsetosan 5th September 2011