The bestest month in the year is bowing of the stage for October to come on stage. It has been a beautiful one I must say. Eventful in ways I had not envisaged as it peeked in as August was making his last act.

The day I stepped into my new year, the patriarch of my mum’s family crossed to the other side of eternity. On my new job I battled a challenge that looked so immense, I had unwittingly perceived at some point that it would drown me. I came to the understanding in a new dimension that stone does appear to glitter sometimes but that did not make it in anyway a diamond. Relearning to trust Him that loves me the most for everything: from my phones functioning to what I’d eat to waking up on time laced through my days. We received answers to prayers though not appearing the way we had expected.

Yet through it all the Lover of my soul reminded me that He is Jehovah Shammah. Holding me and carrying through the days it seemed I would not survive, teaching me to weather the challenges at work to soar to great heights and celebrate His love for me daily to enjoy the abundant life He’s given me

So I look to Him: Jehovah Shammah and do a thanksgiving dance, am ever grateful for His ever abiding presence in me.

“The Lord is there, Ezekiel 48:35b”

Copyright © 30th September, 2011