Am all emotions today, I know it is the fall out of yesterday. It began like a usual Monday but did not end thus. For once I was truly surprised, it hurt….still does truly. Now this morning some two people come to make it worse with their ill timed and insensitive prayer points and bible talk.

Am oh so vexed all I can cry out is justice, let them reap what they have sowed, let it be done to them as they have done to others. In the deep of my heart I know just as I have received mercy I should be merciful. Yet the only comfort i seem to give my hurting heart is what people sow they would reap.

And I ask God, help me not be bitter nor stay mad. Above all may I not sell my sense and compassion for money, may I not get to the point where I choose the hand me downs of man over wisdom and reasonable choices. So many things I want to say, so many things I’d love to scream out but one thing I’d whisper: Lord avenge my friends. Avenge us on this issue, may those who think they can play God with impunity reap a hundred fold of what they have sowed.

Copyright © Itse Tosan 29th November 2011