Recently in my Bible School, my class ran into the sin of disrespect to our teacher. At the end of the misadventure both parties were sober. Truly I never really got round to understanding what action did constitute the disrespectful behaviour, but I did know somehow we had sinned.

I  mused over it and did pray about it, asking for God’s help and tutelage on the concept of respect. Over the years I had demanded of my friends that though they may not like each other (since I was the connecting factor) they must respect each other even if it killed them, I searched my mind for the authority by which I had thus demanded and couldn’t come up with an. One thing was certain it made for a better working relationship.

Stumbling over 1 Peter 2:17 was quite a joy and wonder to me. Joy because it was scriptural, and I had worked on it all these while and wonder because I have read the passage so many a time and had never truly seen it.

I did get round to apologising for being disrespectful to my teacher to God, and to forging a good teacher – student relationship (by being respectful always), while resolving not to be disrespectful to anyone –older or younger than me irrespective of if I liked them or not, understand them or not.

For my mother usually said as I grew up: ‘respect is a two way thing – you can disrespect a younger person, just as you can disrespect an older person’. Respect to all men is one of the numerous revealed wills in the Bible.

Respect everyone, and love your Christian brothers and sisters, Fear God and respect the king. 1 Peter 2:17

© Itse Tosan 19th January 2012