Got home on the 22nd day of December 2011, it sure was good to be home, surrounded by my siblings and parents. The gist of the happenings over the previous months flowed, pictures that had captured various moments got shared, the laughter was heard, as well as the exclamations “You’ve not changes” in response to idiosyncrasies that got on the others nerves.

In a few days we sought to make the best of the brief reunion, even to the eating aspect. Family friends we’ve not seen in a while came by also. Looking back at the year and its effect on us as individuals, then as a family we could joyfully say – indeed the Lord had been gracious to us as individuals and as a  fsmily.

You never know how bad you’ve missed something or people until you meet again. The words describing events do not cease to flow, as we tried to put months into a couple of hours.

It is the same when i’ve been away from my “siblings” for a while, we share the Word and experiences from the missed gatherings, swapping cds et al. I can picture our Father smiling over both reunions, pleased with the way it goes.

O how good and pleasant it is when brethren dwell together in unity. Psalm 133;1

Let us not give up meeting together…’ Hebrews 10:25

© Itse Tosan 27th December 2011.