It’s been five years today since I took the step of faith as concerns healing for my eyes. The experience has been truly enlightening. I had only gotten new frames three days before it ok the big step. My ginger had been the testimony of my pastor of how she had prayed for healing, taken of her glasses and had never had a need for them. For God gave her perfect vision.

Armed with “if He could do it for her, then He could do it for me too” I stepped forward. That was to be my first step as concerns my eyes, with the word I prevailed each time. It then gave me boost to go off drugs totally. Stepping in faith began with a little…yet big step planted on a testimony and His word…that He could be trusted.

The little step gave me boost to dare believe Him for bigger steps. Am still stepping in faith. It’s my prayer that you join me, step in faith. Dare to believe Him for everything, even things you’ve never heard of being done before.

For we walk by faith and not by sight, 2 Corinthians 5:7

© Itse Tosan 4th February 2012