Almost 11 years after a family close to us relocated, we were blessed to have a reunion for a week plus. It was one of catching up on the years gone by and reminding ourselves of the years we had shared.

Sometimes we talked and laughed, at other times we simply sat silently enjoying each others presence. We still got to play some of the pranks we had played before on ourselves…and still get away with them. We talked of doing it again and more often when we got to the point of saying goodbye.

Four years after that memorable gathering, we got to start the year with the loss of one of us. It hurt, the unexpected always does.

This is five years since the memorable gathering, a year since our loss. I look through the pictures with emotions mixed yet deeply grateful – for the opportunity to have shared love and laughter in person, at least once before our loss.

How wonderful and pleasant it is when brothers live together in harmony Psalm 133: 1

© Itse Tosan 4th February 2012