I have dreams of what my bright future contains. I sure do have dreams…aspirations of the things am to engage in, in this life. Some of the career paths “seem” to clash…not even I can reconcile them.

There are days that am sure I want it all…yes, I want the beautiful legal practice besides litigation, the HR portfolio, the modeling contract, the radio host slots, the editor job of a teen and/or women magazine, the songwriter renown. Yea all!

Am not sure if I’d truly get to fit these roles…all of them, but through it all I want His Will to be given full expression in my life. There are days I muse, thinking “suppose” one day I get a good modeling contract on my terms and I hear “do you love me more than these?” what my response would be…it is a thought. Yea a thought that can be my reality someday.

As much as i have dreams, so many of them, I never want them more than giving His will full expression… this desire too has a bit of “scare” in it. I never can tell what giving it full expression may entail.

So i lay it all before Him…dreams, expectations, possibilities which ever nomenclature fits best and say I do want but your will takes precedence.

….’Yet not as I will, but as You will’. Matthew 26:39b

© Itse Tosan 9th February 2012