Standing on the bus queue this morning after setting out late for a Monday, the length of the queue was somewhat scary. With no bus in sight we stood pensively on the queue. Silently I prayed “Lord please send us buses at least 5 of them”. As the first bus made its way into the park, I watched people leave the queue for those who would seat and move towards the standing queue. I then thought to myself— is it that they did not trust that God who had brought this bus would bring others to pick us?

I shrugged off the thought to join them. The second bus left, I still stood on the queue now with bemused thoughts as I watched people oscillate from the seating queue to the standing queue, and back again to the seating queue, one lady actually ended up going to stand in the second bus.

As simple as the actions looked, the choices they made pointed something out to me, by my choices I tell the world whether I trust God to come through for me or not. I trust God goes way beyond my saying those words.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart Proverbs 3:5

You will keep him in perfect peace whose heart is stayed upon you because he trusts in you Isaiah 26:3

© Itse Tosan 23rd April 2012

PS: My me interpretation of what happened on the bus queue that beautiful morning.