Palette in hand, work piece before her eyes…she had done three quarters of her minds sight. Yet now she stared. Oh! How deeply she stared. The minutes had fast slipped into half and two hours. How? She muttered in disgust. Unmistaken hurt etched on her face. I cannot afford to lose me she said, as she gently rocked from side to side. She looked back at her work piece…blue was all she saw. Adrenaline surged just as a mighty wave, perfect for surfing. No must have to do…at least she thought to herself…head rules, head rules she chanted. Twas a singular thought that got her here. The place of disorientation. She was going to burst forth. Yes she sure was. Gbemi stepped forward to her work piece…took a brush of brown and saw her painting. Blue left, the mountain of adrenaline, volleyed out. FOCUS!

4th February 2013