As I let the lyrics of Mighty God by Deitrick Haddon sink into me the first line never ceases to capture my attention. Ok I must confess today is day 4 of having the song on repeat on the background as I go about my daily schedule.

“We are all here” – when we are gathered before Our King we come acknowledging that we’ve got flaws, didn’t quite carry out our ambassadorial duties as His ambassadors. Oh yes, we have done wrong, gotten mad at His other children…in some cases been sorely tempted to kill them. We have been very fleshy as opposed to spiritish. Yup! We all with our different going throughs are gathered with one aim –worship Him inspite of all that

Looking at a number of siblings and knowing what we are individually going through, yet we are able to gather unto Him inspite of it all is quite encouraging.

In the simple phase of we are all here we simply say—hey! We aint there yet, we are still under the Father’s working hands but we put all those aside the differences, going through and simply love on you cause you are sure very deserving of all our worship and praise. We gather not to moan about our going through not complain or murmur but to just exalt you…. Your Almightyness….

7th February 2013