Beyond your skills and gifts, who is in you? This is soo important, for it either attracts or repeals people. It determines where you would go in life and how long you would be relevant in any place. For the who in you distinguishes the workings of the skills and gifts.

Daniel had the gifts of interpretation of dreams and visions. He had a knack for them. For the years Israel was in the 70 years captivity, Daniel served before different kings who ruled during those years.


They recognised the Who that was in him: an excellent spirit, the Spirit of God. This alone set Daniel apart from his peers and colleagues (Astrologers, princes etc)

For they (the people around him) saw the workings of the Who in Daniels inside and recognised it. Even to the glorifying of the Who. The Who on his inside distinguished him for greatness even as Daniel consistently gave glory to Him for the workings of the gifts.

March 3rd, 2013.