So simple the phrase, yet some days it is such an uphill task for me…

Thinking quite a bit too much, naa not worrying…just spending valuable time trying to figure it all out. How it will work out, the very pieces of each puzzle.

I pause each time I recall all the past and ongoing triumphs. It’s at that point I find me simply living. Those moments the glow is everywhere. To simply live is to let God be God, no blemishes of pride, no wrinkles from my helping hand…

It’s me doing God’s will, God’s way and not my way. I must attest those days, sometimes moments I glow and look fuller irrespective of my stringent diet.

So many times, am fast losing count, as I have pledged to simply live…and yes just as many times I have broken that… am wondering (guess you are too) if my best moments and days are when I simply live why don’t I simply stick at it always… hmm, guess it comes with this terrain, living in this body.

For to simply live… walk in Him, think no ‘thoughts’ about the hows? Whens? Is my heart’s desire.

© 13th March 2013.