Ready. Available. Prepared.

I am a vessel, an earthen vessel. Tis my desire to be one unto honour all of my days. So staying at my Kings feet I do, for in His presence I am daily refined unto honour. Now am taking it to another level… well not quite in a view of what I am enjoined to do by Rom 12: 1 & 2.

I guess the weight of it has hit my bone marrow… say the word: means I am ever prepared for any task – writing, singing etc. it means my skills are being developed and polished daily.

Am declaring – I am a vessel fit for the Master’s use, only but say the word. These are one of them phrases I use that scare me. It’s scary to me to not have control total control, partial control over my life. This is a leap I’ve decided to take.

So with unreserved abandon I say – say the word… *jumps*

PS: The Hillsong song (like the play with words!) inspired this:- I simply life for you – Hillsong.

To anyone who questions my choice of earthen vessel: daily I realize that the power is not of me (Power: ability to give of me the way I do) to reach out and making me available to serve anytime I do is not of me… II Corinthians 4:7

© 13th March 2013.