Today I recall why God kept enjoining the Israelites in the Old Testament to remember and tell…the human mind has a way of forgetting good stuffs on the altar of worry.

Does God have limitations? No. Are there impossibilities with God? No. does God lie? No. Is there anything God cannot do? Nothing. So Itse, why do you worry? Seeing you know the answer to these questions, what assails your thoughts that depress?

Surely if He said it, He’s bringing it to be. The middle should not give momentary amnesia. So the pill for the middle is remembrance… tough but doable. Thus knowing there’s nothing He cannot do, challenge the present battle with past triumphs and watch them bow to the future. For God changes not. Since there was nothing He could not do in the past, same is applicable now and tomorrow.

PS: Remember to tell the children the triumphs of the past… they make for great folklores that will boost their faith as they grow.

© 13th March 2013.