Passed by facebook to respond to the question of “what’s on your mind?” I wrote – I wanna give my best to you, cause you deserve this and more, I wanna make you smile…

A friend commented that the guy is lucky… I realised he thought I was referring to a guy… on a second look at my lines from two songs, it could actually have so passed. However as I was talking to God I decided to respond. In response to his comment I had to think about it… He was not lucky; luck is definitely not a word I’d use for Him. Thinking it over, it was not truly whether He was lucky but it brought to fore that I was favoured.

Yes I have been divinely and highly favoured. To have been chosen by Him, either ways or angles I viewed my relationship with Him, I was the party better advantaged for whether I returned His love or not He is who He is. Yet apart from Him there is no me… I truly don’t live.

To give Him my best or make Him smile can never (in my thoughts) adequately express my heart—bone marrow—felt appreciation for His favour freely bestowed upon me

PS: I’d try to not leave ambiguous responses on any social network.

© 13th March 2013.