God said… and He saw
Jezebel spoke… and Elijah Saw

As cliché as it sounds, there is power when people speak. The depth of the power is scary in some degrees and quite a faith booster on the other hand; Ça depends on your vantage view.

It’s scary when I pause to think that someone who is not God, not me and does not want the best for me speaks and I “just” might see it. #declaring – all evil speakers are silenced Amen. The wisest man recorded that life and death lies in the power of the tongue…

As a faith booster it encourages me declare the truth I find daily in His Word… watching them take on flesh in my life pushes me to keep speaking over my life and all that concerns me and those around me.

When we speak, we do create the visible out of the invisible; the physical out of the spiritual. The power of our words cannot be over emphasised. What are you speaking into your life, your tomorrow, your career, your purpose… and who are you letting speak into your life and future? Know this for sure, you will see it.

© 18th March 2013.