1. I love the colours blue, brown, green and black.

2. I would truly love to learn how to ride a power bike and own one.

3. I don’t like cockroaches & all creepy things in that family.

4. I love meeting members of my extended family i’ve never met before.

5. Am not a TV person, but a good book can hold my attention for hours.

6. Music i truly believe is the food of love, life and good stuffs.

7. I dream of going to France, its my dream vac spot (don’t ask me why, cause i don’t really know) with Malaysia as the 2nd place.

8. Writing is part of me: from diary entries to poetry to articles, you name it.

9. Hanging out with family, friends, people i love who love me right back is a great way to have fun.

10. Sports: I love basketball cause the guys are tall and cute!

11. I am me…opinionated, quiet with strangers, anonying some days, but crazy about God.

12. I believe strongly in friendships, maintaining them is one work i’d never retire from.

13. I want to learn these languages: Spanish (its the language of love) & Dutch.

14. I love my sleep….

15. Travelling is a way of life, i’ve embraced it beautifully.

16. Am vain in my own way…want to be cremated at the end of my walk on earth.

17. I dreamed of many things to be in a life: from being a police (thanks to Police Academy), to a journalist that wrote ‘hot’ stuff, but finally settled for law…yet to change my mind on this.

18. Life is beautiful…it all depends on the vantage point you choose.

19. My fave singers are Out of Eden…love, peace & happiness is my current fave of theirs…it changes from time to time.

20. I have great dreams…in but a while you’ll get to see them being manifested.

21. I love dancing, watching people dance and a learning new dance steps.

22. I didn’t always love cooking, but since i started loving it, it ceased to be a chore.

23. Food is not me, i eat so that i don’t faint or stop functioning properly.

24. I wish i could paint and sketch pretty pictures

25. Nature: water, birds, trees and all them stuffs make the world a really pretty sight to behold.

I first wrote this on the 20th day of October 2009. Fast forward 22dn day of April 2013… Well one thing has surely changed: No 23- I now love food, I guess the greatest spur is noting I can eat and not add anything *thank you Jesus*. Also No 19: Today I don’t have any favourite singer or singers, I enjoy so many different songs… More by Lawrence Flowers and Only You by Nikki Laoye are it for me now though.

Just a little about me…
What are your 25 random things?

22nd April 2013