I recall Easter 2012, while on my way to church I boarded a wrong bus…yes wrong bus cause I got robbed of my bag with all inside it *of course*. As they dropped me off a moving bus shaking with fright I wondered how I’d get come place – either back home or to church. Suddenly it dawned on me that my phone (thank you Lord) was in my hand hidden by my shawl.

Fast forward, recently a friend’s car packed up…naa it didn’t up and leave him. It simply stopped working. As I thought about his predicament of now having to take public transport when he could not get a ride, I realised that he did have a soft landing… another friend of ours had recently bought a car and thus helped him home and to church on rehearsals and church days…

It got me thinking, that no matter how down and out our situations may be, God never leaves us with nothing. Most times we simply don’t see it that way, particularly when hurting from the pain of landing on your bottom from a moving bus.

Am so sure the widow of Zarephath didn’t see how last meal as anything to reckon or the widow of the priest who was scared she would lose her sons to the creditors didn’t considered the oil as important.

One thing is for sure, God everly (Itse’s English) has His children at heart and never will He leave us, or leave us with nothing.

© 7th April 2013.