Recently as I followed the unfolding financial saga of Cyprus online I began thinking: ‘if this were Nigeria, what would we have done differently as a preventive measure’. I pondered over the thought and came up with an idea. That people trade in anything and everything but money. In that, I give service in exchange for another service.

Yes, I recall reading a few times of people either trying to stay debt free or protect the environment, I think one was a response to a financial issue (cannot quite recall) in some foreign country. They were rendering services such as mowing lawns etc in exchange for meals, a place to sleep, never money.

After dwelling on this for less than an hour I wondered how this idea can be sold to Nigerians. We sure love to spend money; we sure love money in cash also.

Reading 1 Chronicles two days back; I noticed some transactions done without money being the exchange for any of the trade deals. For timber, Solomon gave feeding and other stuffs to another king. Aha! I recall, I had thought to me how this idea would work pretty well if the agricultural sector of this nation flourishes without apologies. Be it small scale or large scale, the difference it imparts are…numerous!

Recalling my growing up years we had a fruit farm behind our house: cashew, guava: red and white, grape, lemon, oranges, a budding Isekwu (do not know the English name), banana, mango, most of them were given up at a point to host a poultry but then a vegetable farm soon came to life: Ugwu, water leaf, bitter leaf, scent leaf. The banana and plantain plantation remained… the poultry proved good a tenant, provided needful manure to the farm.

With a flourishing agricultural sector, it would be so easy to give food stuffs in exchange for services…*thinking*. In exchange for your useable trash you could let me shop without cash the worth of your trash. For using my skill in babysitting your kids you would give me …*please share your thoughts*

With all the economic recession going on in Europe particularly, I do think we should explore preventive measures to forestall it ever being our reality.

It’s an idea I am still pondering upon.

© 24th April, 2013.