So for a long while I had considered various options I could explore as a side business. My motivation lay in the fact that during my service year back in Minna I successfully sold credit card of the major telecom lines to fellow corpers, my colleagues at work and my neighbours in my compound. It sure did help my finances for that year.

Looking at the number of credit card vendors across the length and breadth of Lagos…that option died naturally. I then ventured into Forever Living Products seeing that I use quite a number of their products. This business seemed to tell me marketing is not really me…am yet to believe it though. Then I attempted book sale…being a lover of books I keyed into a beautiful idea to sell a particular book…hmmm. If I thought my selling skills were bad with FLP, this book sales was a no no… out of 10 books, I bought one as a gift to someone, got someone to pay for another copy for a friend, I sold 3 of them with the help of a friend. The remaining I gave to my sister to help sell same.

Taking note that the aim of my side business if to improve my finances, I can say I’ve found the right side business…okay it found me, that’s the way I see it. For it promises to improve my finances…I don’t have to sell anything, no I do not have to market anything. I simply have to give peoples trash to recyclers and get stuff in return. And no its not in money but I get things in money’s worth.

PS: He has given me ideas to get and make wealth.

© 24th April 2013.