Over the course of the last 2 years I have looked for things. The first was a job, the second was a house, then a job again and then a side business.

As with each one I had what I thought best for me and went right out to get same. I searched with as much passion I could ever muster. Never failed to tell everyone I came across my specifications and why if they desired to know why I seemed so set in my ways.

Then they found me, one after the other, not immediately, naa between my first job and my house was the interval of a little over a year.
Job 1 was not one of my options of places I’d like to work in…thinking about it now it’s amazing. Twas from a causal barter with a friend of mine. Had been discussing my search and how I just left Lagos yet again. ‘Come to Lagos she said, and I’d help you to get a job,’ ‘okay I said’. The next time I got into Lagos I let her know. ‘O ya I am here, where is the job?’. Two months later I got a job…I got her job, her seat, her works station… and I fell in love with aviation.

I recall the tears…(I have since come to terms with the fact that I tear easily…reading a book, reading news, watching a movie…) the prayers, the applications, the tests, the interviews… that was the utmost I talked daily with God on. He gave it to me and it was tailored made for me. Not only did I genuinely enjoy it, it challenged me and taught me while it afforded me a living balance.

Yea in the course of one year I spent searching for the job… no November 2010 – August 2011, I shuttled between Lagos, Port Harcourt and a month in Abuja. It seemed like an herculean task. That’s what I thought a couple of times….

But the job found me.

24th April 2013.