Looking over the course of my years I see a pattern of how seemingly dire situations have been a force in improving my walk with God. Guess because somewhere in my heart I firmly believe He has the final say. I trouble Him with everything in me over any issue weighing me down! In course of troubling Him and seeking for answers I grow in my knowing of Him which always seems small with each new knowing.

I began my house search officially April 8th, 2012. Began sending word out, to family and friends; my colleagues at work were not left out. As it is with me I had my specifications: Lekki axis… Ajah is a no no, would consider Ikoyi but Ajah never. Oh how I prayed…

A friend called me one weekend sometime in July… cannot recall the particular day. She asked how I felt about sharing flat… why not I replied. It’s Ajah she said, you know so and so, calling the name of someone I had only recently met, she’s the one you would be sharing with. She is looking for a flatmate. So I took the lady’s contact.

We spoke, one Sunday I went to see the place… by the last Thursday in August 2012 I had moved houses, from one end of Lagos to the other: Magodo to Ajah.

Yea *covering my face* Ajah, I know. Looking at my flatmate, the flat, my neighbours, my neighbourhood…I got a beautiful deal, tailor made for me. God surely knows me more than I know myself. After the many calls, the prayers, the browsing and me getting really worked up some days. Looking back now I wonder why I bothered because the house found me and just at the right time.
And being the ALL Seeing God, He saw right into my future and gave me just what was best.

© 24th April 2013.