The uncertainty in my longevity at my first job got thicker by February 2012. So I began again talking to people, and praying fervently that God would take me out before the company hit base.
By August 2012 with no other job on hand I began preparing myself to be fully in the search market again. Spoke with two Human Resources Personnel I knew about my plans. Being a contract staff I saw no need to renew, considering the dovetailing the company had been on. 21st August 2012 loomed closer daily. So I took a bold leap and informed my boss I wont be renewing my contract but in view of his impending trip I would hold forte of the department till he returned month end. My other two colleagues had since resigned and moved on.

By September the reality of my actions were not smiling at all. Seemed like I had begun the whole circle again, only this time with less worrying. My issue lay with when He would come through for me. The obvious absence of a side business was felt. I got creative in my approach to earning money… for the first time, I began marketing my skills: writing. Then my parents heard I was jobless…well lacked a consistent paying job and began checking on me in regards my finances and feeding. I did a transcribing job for someone in the course of my search… twas a beautiful experience.

Lest I deviate, I sent out an Important Announcement to friends detailing what I was looking for. As much as I loved aviation I was not looking to it, since our first experience ended badly. Besides mainland is their location as its close to the airport. So Island job it was… no law firm that is still blacklisted by me. Certainly not after eating of corporate law.

I saw myself *almost* get into oil and gas sector, yes, in fact I was until the interview. I still primped myself that I would get in. along the oil and gas situation, I got a call with an offer to work in the aviation sector, it would be more challenging based on its facts my destiny helper said… well with my reservations I agreed to have them contact me. They did; my curriculum vitae and an interview later, I got the job.

It has been a beautiful reunion with the sector I must say. I sure do pray this love affair does not end anytime soon… for after 3 months of holding unto God strongly for my finances, seeing I depleted my savings towards the tail end of my last job as they paid me not for the last 3 months. With thanksgiving to Him and my destiny helpers there was always provision in the course of my job search.

And just when I was beginning to think for how much longer, my job found me.

Itse Tosan © 24th April 2013