So I set out to get me a side business. Like every wise citizen in my country that’s pure wisdom (having something besides the 9 – 5). It proved to be a discovery for me of me… yet to agree with some of the things that the expedition tried to tell me: like I am not a sales person… hmm!

So on the 16th of March 2013, while at rehearsals attending to my side duties (cake cutting), a friend was selling an idea to the rest of the house. By the time I returned to pick my bag as rehearsal was finally over… no more announcements, grace had been shared… I saw a flier and a form on my seat. Promptly I picked them.

I filled out the form and swung into action. All I need do is collect trash of empty plastic bottles and cans. This I would exchange later on for kind not cash.

On Monday I promptly informed my colleagues to turn over all used cans and plastic bottles I was into IRecycle *thank you Lawma*. It was at this point I proceeded to vest myself with the details to enable me respond appropriately to questions.

Just a little over a month later I can say my romance with IRecycle is growing pretty well. Loads of cans and plastic bottles with 3 pick ups later I see the passion growing… no I have refused to be turned into a trash collector but then…

Yes it definitely was not an option, didn’t know such stuff existed, and it cannot really be called the ideal side business. But hey! The results though is same an alternate stream of income.

So glad this found me…

PS: seeing I give trash and get kind in return, gives a boost to my ideology that we can actually survive some without cash…. You never know till you try stuff.

© 24th April 2013.