There’s a Sunday in June 2013 I won’t forget in a hurry… it was as day I felt fear in a way I can’t recall ever feeling before. One incident was all it took and my heart froze.

Suddenly I realised that truly who promised me tomorrow that I live my life as though I was here for the keeps and same with those who I love and with thanks to whatever, never really get to tell them so either in words or my actions always playing it safe least they think…

It dawned on me that day, that all the previous grief’s I have shared can never ever be enough preparation to lose someone dear. Holding back on my love for whatever reason is simply ignorance… for today is always the best day to show good love… tomorrow may not be for some one.

Do I really truly live my day as today, the present and let no what would people think?, how would they understand me? stand in the way. Oh how I sure did begin to question me. Each time I recall the incident I still have a pause… thank God for God. Thank God He did not let me cry over a friend. Thank God for God.

Like another friend said: anything could have happened in just a minute Jesus would have come for our friend. I resolve to live today as today… hmmm this I have done so many times before, I sure do need help Lord with keeping this up..

Help me to live today as today and not bothered with the what ifs or there’s tomorrow.

© June 26th, 2013