So today I go through the pictures on the internet of the Kenya mall attack by Islamic terrorists and truly I am soo pained… Kofi Awoonor was one of their victims… this is so senseless, I simply cannot fathom it.

All I want to see right now is all the perpetrators given a full cup of their medicine. How evil can people get? Forgiveness is not something on my mind right now. Yes I hear the still voice but am grieved. The tears I refuse to let fall out.

I mean, what exactly is it with the senseless killing? Sad thing is that these are the days that show the end is near, going by that it is not about ending. I recall meeting Kofi Awoonor first through his poetry in secondary school. The real wow moment came when I met him at a literal festival a couple of years back, I chose to seat in on a session he was a member of the interactive panel. I learnt to appreciate and promote the African culture more…to let it shine forth in my writings. He came dressed as the Ghanaian he is (now was) I was impressed.

The most vexatious thing with terrorist is that they like petty thieves never know the worth of that they steal…. A huge literal giant has fallen… He sure has made his mark in the 78years he walked on this side of eternity. His works live on from generation to generation. So to Kofi Awoonor I raise my pen, thank you for sharing through the years with your words… thank you for giving those behind something to look up to.

23 September 2013