Life or death; Blessings or Curses; Hot or Cold; White or Black; Day or Night; Joy or Sorrow; Love or Hate; Heaven or Hell; God or satan…

Always it will be one or the other; for there is no middle ground in the truest sense. For truth be told we can chose either God or satan, never the two. Thus, the neutral man, those who believe in grey areas or think they can serve God on their own terms i.e. lukewarm, are in truth on the divide of satan and would end up with him. Of them the Lord would say: ‘depart from me you workers of iniquity, I know you not’* hence He forewarns by the admonition: “Let all who name the name of the Lord, depart from iniquity.”

On this option (God or satan) is the basis for every other choice we make and have to make found. For every other choice point to the option we have taken.

A whole while back these options were presented to us by Him who knows best and loves us best. He said: ‘I place before you life and death chose life that you may live’.

Your future is the child of the choices you take today. This affects all spheres of life: education, habits formed, food, friends, hobbies…you just name it; even our future generations. And like my Father did so many years ago, today I ask again: what are your daily choices? Would it guarantee life abundant here and life eternal in the hereafter? Or death both now and after?

Choose —

26th September, 2013