God has not given us the Spirit of fear, but the Lord has given us the Spirit of power, of love and of a sound mind and discipline II Tim 1:7. To be afraid is sin because fear is a sign of the absence of faith. (By this I mean fear that has taken root in our hearts) For the Bible enjoins us to walk by faith and not by sight. And is it written: ’he who knows what to do and does not do it, unto him it is sin.

All times when fear is present, we are walking according to sight. We’re letting our circumstances speak over the Word. Fear is a sign that we are not trusting God to fulfil that which He has spoken to us, for at that point we are not looking at Him but at the waves. Matt 14:30. It is a sign that we are not trusting God then that He is who He says He is: I AM. The manifestation of the working of the Holy Spirit in me is also evidenced by the absence of fear.

For where fear is not, faith is and the work of the Holy Spirit finds an open channel or vessel to manifest to maximum. Without faith it is impossible to please God. Heb 11:6. Living in faith is not an alternative life style for a Christian BUT it is THE LIFE style of every Christian. It is our culture. When we walk by faith we walk in line with God’s will for living here on earth.
Thus having the eyes of our heart being enlightened, flooded with light Eph 1:18. Then we can boldly call forth those things that be not as though they were and I truly believe that they shall were.

We grow in faith through the Word. For faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Wold of God. Rom 10:17. Faith is action before thought, not after thought. Thought in this sense is used to mean human reasoning. And human reasoning cannot comprehend the things of the Spirit. Faith in all of its workings is spiritual, which affects the physical daily.
The place of faith is where God reveals Himself. If the three (3) Hebrew men had not stepped into the fire, they would not have experienced the presence of the fourth man. Dan 3: 18-25

What we let into our heart, through the two doors of our eyes and ears determines in what side of the divide we will walk in. For just as faith is fed and nurtured by the Word of God, fear is fed by the natural senses, whichever we choose to believe or accept.

Who are you listening to?

07 September, 2013