Early in life, I realised that I had a stubborn trait. I liked to do what I liked to do. As long as I liked it, it was ok. Then I got to know the Lord…hmm, accepting His way over mine was war! The fact that He is Omnipresence and thus everywhere was not important. It was not my idea, so no would have to do. His way held so many pleasant stuff…but it seemed to ask that I cede control of my plans, choices to His. Yea, of course I was and still am not bound to accept His.

My way did work…yea you know about it right…for a while your own idea was best, it got you the results you wanted, that there always seemed something lacking just does not add up though. Yet He had asked us to take His yoke for it is light…ha! Yoke…light.

To take means, suggest that we have given away what we had to make room to receive. To take His is to join John the Baptist in His cry…more of You and less of me; to whisper or shout thy will not mine. For in His we experience truly and deeply life in abundance…the righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.

So over the course of my years I’ve willingly said His, sometimes I have grudging said His after following my way to a dead end. Either ways, I must say, I look back and I am sure glad I did. . .

What is your choice for main course? Yours or His?

Copyright Itse Tosan 2013