To the friend who but stopped short of actually using a knife on you, which would you offer?

The betrayal hurts just as deep as a knife would. That was all you got for trusting, loving and being vulnerable with one you called a friend. Justice! Your flesh cried. “an eye for an eye” stares from people you know, who did not pause to ask your story before passing judgment make it worse.

Who understands? Do they care about your feelings? Surely that should count. Ask Stephen, he had just as much right (if you may) to demand for justice. All he had done wrong was share the revelational knowledge that was life giving. In return, they took his life with stones.

His mercy plea was a choice. “Lord, don’t charge them with this sin!” Acts 7: 60
It’s the merciful that obtain mercy Matthew 5:7.

For in the choice of mercy paradoxically is the relief we seek through the cry for justice truly found.

“Is this not what the Lord requires that you show mercy…

Copyright Itse Tosan