Genesis 22: 5
We will worship and then we will come back to you

The words we speak tell if we walk by faith or by fear. They are prophecies always of our future. When we speak, we send forth words into our future that shape the way our future is patterned.

Sometimes it is a subconscious utterance, sometimes it is a conscious utterance, yet it comes back to us in our future, when Abraham took a journey in obedience to God’s command to go sacrifice Isaac his words depicted a subconscious faith that with God all things are possible.

When Joseph’s brothers sought to do him harm and yet spoke (prophesied) ‘let’s see what becomes of his dreams.’ they were words spoken in ignorance of the workings of God. Yet the words still possessed the powers all words have: our ability to eat of them Proverbs 18:21; for they did indeed see what became of his dreams in their future.

The words you speak today, knowingly, unknowingly, nonchalantly are all prophesies unto your own future. You shall indeed eat of them at some point in your future.

What are you speaking into your future?

© 12th October 2013.