As I chatted with a friend, the topic of enemies came up.. then the topic of do nots she had recently gotten handed to her also came up.
She wanted my opinion with regards to my actions in line with evil people out there seeking to do me harm, this I freely gave her – as much as I recognise such people do exist, I never let them be the reason behind my choices and decisions. Yes they will try to pull stunts but I have this unwavering confidence that it would not succeed, with thanksgiving to God.

I am operating from the angle of no fear here, but faith. She was coming from the angle of fear. What we both had in common was ‘hearing’. She for the last couple of months had been hearing fear followed by do not do this; do not do that from different people. I on the other hand had being hearing faith – God has not given you the spirit of fear.

I then re understood Proverbs 4:23 in a new yet old way. Guarding my heart also deals with what I hear, the conversations I entertain. They either cause me to walk in faith or in fear.

Who are you listening to? What are you listening to? Is it causing you to walk in faith, the only way to please God? Or is it causing you to walk in fear, the avenue through which satan has access to you?

©15th October 2013.