People only have things slip from their hands when they sleep. It is at night the enemy steals, plants tares and swaps that which God placed in our hands with counterfeits.

I have over the course of time noticed from watching people on the bus and in meetings, have actually been guilty too *sigh* once the object in their hands falls: money, keys & phones are the major culprits, they realise they have been sleeping. As I realised on the occasions I have been so guilty.

The two whores: it was at night; while one slept that the other swapped her dead baby for the living babe.

All these series of events different yet interwoven got me thinking, what God has placed in my hands I must be watchful and awake not to let them slip or be swapped with a counterfeit.

Watch and pray. Spiritually always be alert. These I cannot do on my own so my daily cry now is: ’Lord, help me to be spiritually alert always; to guard jealousy that which you have placed in my hands.’

© Copyright 18 November, 2013.