Naomi prayed for Ruth. Boaz prayed for Ruth. By the end of the book of Ruth, we see the answers to those prayers. The heart felt prayers both Naomi and Boaz made for Ruth, God brought them to be using them as the instruments.

I wonder if at the moments the events which were the answers to their prayers occurred they remembered their prayers. Did it register in them that it was the answer to their prayers?

Studying the book of Ruth I am stunned and humbled at the turn of each event. Each prayer and every answer was knitted together with the individual who offered up the prayer having a role to play in its fulfilment.

God is a planner, a great organiser. Irrespective of the way we may perceive our circumstances and the turn of each event, God is right there working it all out with each prayer offered, through the instruments who prayed to deliver timely answers that are so like God

© 6th February 2014